Wednesday, March 3, 2010

by Rena Rossner

As busy moms we know the daily efforts required to establish, build and maintain relationships and few relationships are more special than that connection between a grandparent and grandchild with a splash of mom. I asked Rena, our fellow Busy Mom Teammate from Fairy Dust Crafts, to share why she created this treasury for our Busy Moms Team she explained that the color amber is a personal symbol between her grandmother and herself. She writes:

When I was 12 my grandmother bought me a ruby and diamond heart ring - which I hated. I felt so bad about how I felt - but my mom convinced me to tell her. We went back to the shop and I picked out an amber and gold ring and I have loved amber - and the color amber ever since. I featured my mom's shop in the treasury - she sells vintage items (literally!) from her attic and she recently posted these stunning amber murano glass beads which gave me the inspiration for the treasury.

Enjoy her treasury:

This is an actual Etsy treasury - please stop by and share your love of her treasury Art in Amber.

Edited By: Angela Keller


Momma B said...

Love the treasury! I clicked them all!

Rena Rossner said...

awww! thanks!

Kelly Taylor said...

I love this treasury! I love the color amber; it is so exotic and warm and I love to use it on my table and in decorating. It also mixes so well with other colors.

Actually, I am having fun with the fragrance called amber as well! You can check my shop and see I am using it all over the place, lol!

I love our team and it is so fun working on this blog.