Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Time Saving Tip - Moving

This is AngelaSpots. I'm finally back from my big move (our family moved from the city to the country). My time saving tip of the week is

Never move, ever.

It takes up way too much time. Moving is a PITA at the best of times but add an almost 2 year old and a 4 year old and it's a whole different ball game.

Okay so never moving again isn't practical. I do have some time, and sanity, saving tips.

Hire movers, and if you can't afford movers, hire movers just to move furniture.
Even if you're just moving a short distance, put all perishables into coolers.
Have a (or several) suitcase(s) packed with essentials for the first few days (clothing, toiletries, cleaners, snacks, toys, pet essentials etc).
If you have dogs or cats send them to a friend or board them for a couple of days.
Do everything possible ahead of time and schedual double the time you think you'll need for each task.

and most importantly

Arrange to have all of your utilities connected before hand.

We didn't realize but our internet is taking a month and a half to get installed. I'm in serious withdrawl. It's a good thing I can get on at my real job. I won't be able to post pictures with my blog posts until my home internet is installed. Until then you can surf our teams items on http://www.etsy.com keyword "busymomsteam".


Rachel Kovaciny said...

Blech, I hate moving! In 2007, we moved from WI to CT in December with a 2-month-old baby. I only had a month to pack, right while I was getting used to being a mom. Don't ever ever EVER move right after you have your first baby! :-D

Gwendolyn's Design Blog said...

Ditto with Rachel - hate moving and dred the thought of ever doing so again!
Great tips, a couple more:
LABEL LABEL LABEL! Just helped my Mom move in Jan 09, still they cant find the GPS to bad it wasnt left on! LOL
PURGE: Did manage to get her to purge some things as we packed... Local Charity was willing to come to her house to pick up the EXTRAs they no longer needed or wanted (tax break also).
KEEP REciepts! Some moves can be tax deductable, soo keep ALL the reciepts from moving.
BABYSITTER: Get one if you have kids that are too young to help, weekend at grandmas is a good idea. Along with post weekend grandma sleep overs - Maybe you will be able to unpack (and purge some of the kids stuff at the same time.) LOL bad mom!