Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's the Deal?

I love to garden and luckily living in northern California, I can garden most times of the year. By choosing plants wisely and being mindful of the seasons, I can have something growing in my garden, or at least in containers, year round. I've found a great way to save on new plants. Both Lowe's and Home Depot in my area have sale racks with plants that have begun wilting or have spent blooms on them. Often these plants are 50% or more off. And the best thing is that they often just need to be deadheaded. Most times I can bring these plants home, clip off the dead blooms, transplant them to my garden or a pot and in a week or so, they look great! I've gotten some great plants this way. Granted, it takes a bit of knowing your plants. I have bought a few that were beyond my help. However, once I learned which plants I could save, I've found some real winners. I also learned that if I come across plants on the regular racks that look pretty haggard, I can often get a discount just by asking.

My father-in-law gets deals on top soil, mulch, and other items in large plastic bags by purchasing bags that have tears or holes in them. He gets great deals! Most of the time it's just a small tear and the product inside isn't damaged. And some of the guys at the store know to save the damaged bags just for him!

Hopefully this info is helpful for some of our fellow gardeners. Check out some of the flowery items from fellow Busy Moms!

Golden Trumpet Dangles from Echo Endeavor

Shasta Daisy Kiss Clasp Clutch from Bone Calinda

Garden Goddess Earrings from Bijoux Designs for You

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Rachel Kovaciny said...

I've bought quite a few good plants at WalMart or Lowe's that were 50% or more off, and they just didn't happen to have any flowers at the moment or looked wilty. Definitely a good thing to look for!