Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Interview- Meet Trina Jonas with Baby Jayne's

Who are you?
My name is Trina Jonas and I'm a stay at home mom who loves to craft and sew! I also love to work out and eat! And I love to have fun. The kids and I have fun every day. I love the ocean, spending time with my family, and being outdoors.

Where do you live?
I live in sunny southern California (about 15 minutes south of Disneyland). We're about 10 minutes from the beach and love being at pool or beach everyday in the summer.

What do you do?
I spend the majority of my time trying to be a good mommy and wife! And my hobby is my business. But I also do a lot of volunteer work. My background is marketing and I also got my Masters in Public Administration, emphasis Nonprofit organizations. I worked for the American Cancer Society for 5 years before quitting to stay home with my first child. I'm very passionate about that organization and still stay actively involved as a volunteer.
How many kids? Husband?
I have two adorable kids- Jayne (who's 4 going on 16) and Ryan (who is 16 months). I'm lucky to be married to my best friend, Jason. We've been married 9 years and together 10.5. We met in college in Utah but were both from Southern California and were excited to move back to live by our families.
And so you have a shop? What's it's name?
My shop is named Baby Jayne's (after my first baby of course). I've only had my Etsy shop since January, but I've been in business since 2005. I actually got into several boutiques in southern CA, had my own independent website with shopping cart and participated in industry tradeshows (where I got some big orders for USA Baby and the like), but I realized that it was all just too much. I didn't want to mass produce my products, I made very little from retail sales, and the only way to increase my profits to make it worth the time was getting everything made overseas. I even used a factory in LA to try and make a bunch of products to meet the orders and it was horrible! The quality wasn't the same and that was so difficult! I realized that at that level my business was affecting my time with my family, so when I had my second I decided to cut back and only do custom orders, and then in January I found Etsy and launched my Etsy store. I just let my independent website expire, and am just selling on Etsy and doing lots of custom orders locally. I'm very happy with all of this as is my family. I'm very passionate about the handmade movement, and the art in our crafts! What we all do here on Etsy can't be replicated by factories.
What do you sell?
I sell baby blankets, and accessories. I try to follow the traditional techniques of quilting. most of my blankets are pieced, they are all quilted and all include a high-end quilters batting. This all increases durability of the blanket and makes it heirloom quality.
But how on earth do you have the time?!
It's fun. I love making time. And my kids have fun playing with my fabric scraps, my daughter has a little kid sewing machine set up next to mine, and I do a lot while they nap or play beside me.
Any thing else?
I love being part of this Busy Mom group and learning so much from so many amazing mom's from all over the world! I really want to get my Etsy shop going and serve as my primary sales portal so I can't wait to keep learning and connecting and making it happen! :-)
Favorite Sport: Playing- golf, watching- football
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Color: Pink
And I think it's important to have a little bit of chocolate every day!

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