Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Interview- Meet Crystal with Annie's Powder Room

Who are you? My name is Crystal

Where do you live? I live in Fort Worth, Texas aka Cowtown

What do you do? My days are filled with activity and I rarely sit down...what I actually DO all day long remains a mystery. We homeschool so that takes up a good chunk of my day...after that its all a blur!

How many kids? And husband/partner? I have three little girls...Bella is 7, AnnieClaire is 5, and Lillian is 3 and my Husabnd is 31 lol!
And so you have a shop:
What's it's name? My shop name is Anniepoo but the name of my business is Annie's Powder Room. I signed up for etsy not realizing that would be my seller name and once I started selling it took off so fast I was scared to change it...

What do you sell? Really fun soap!!!

How do you find the time? I have NO IDEA! My kids LOVE to help and my husband does too acutally so you will often find ALL of us out in my soap studio making soap. My husband is going to school full time and not working so he is around a little more these days and can help out a little more.

Some of your favorite things:
Movie- The Goonies!!!
Food- I Tex Mex...chips and hot sauce and guacamole- YUM!!!
Color- green
Drink- I could go for a Root Beer...or a margarita!
Time of Day- I live in Texas so I like the least hottest part of the day!
Kids Book- We LOVE Olivia and Charlie and Lola books and all the old classics like Heidi and Swiss Family Robinson and all kids of stuff really. We LOVE to read at our house!
Cartoon Character- Lola
Anything else you might want to share- I'm a HUGE Ron Paul Fan! My friends think that I am hippie because I had my babies at home, I'm notoriously late to everything, and I like to speak in a british accent to unsuspecting strangers.
Great to get to know you better Crystal!

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