Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's the Deal?

Do you love to read? I love having a good book to read. I didn't say I necessarily have the time to read it, but I still love to have a good book to read should the opportunity arise. Paperback Swap is an awesome site for anyone who likes to read. It's also a great site for people who have a growing stash of books that they've read and just don't know what to do with. Here's how it works... You sign up for an account and post all of the books that you have that you would like to pass on to someone else. They don't have to be paperbacks. Hardbacks and even audio books work too! When someone requests one of your books, you wrap it up (preferably in the printable wrapper provided by the site), pay the postage and send it on it's merry way to its new owner. Since you can ship books via Media Mail, shipping costs are generally minimal. It's just over $2 for a typical paperback. For each book you send, you earn a credit. Each credit is good for a book of your choosing. You can browse the site and choose books that you would like to read. The member who owns the book you want wraps up the book, pays the shipping, and sends it off to you!

I have found great books on this site and even found a textbook for a class! You can build a wishlist, which is pretty cool. It's nice to have a reminder of the books you would like to read (....someday). You can also choose to be alerted when a book that you have been looking for becomes available in the system. It really is tons of fun and a really economical way to get new reading material. I also like that my books are being read by someone else instead of gathering dust on my shelf! There are also sister sites for swapping CDs and DVDs.

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bijouxdesignsforyou said...

What a great site! I used to read alot and the cost of always buying new books can be insane! The girls at work and I do a book exchange every few months which is also tons of fun!

Rachel Kovaciny said...

I've got a friend who uses a site like that and she says it's great! She's gotten a whole lot of books out of her house, and also acquired some she really wanted. I really need to sign up for it too, since I read all the time. One of these days....