Monday, April 27, 2009



Had a busy week end wrangling kids, going out to the park or working on your shop? Boil some water, add a few chamomile flowers to your teapot, let it brew for 5 minutes then sip it slowly while you read this…
This week, it’s a mother and daughter collaboration, Glenda and April from

- Who are you? My name is April and together with my mom Glenda we are Bijoux Designs For You
- Where do you live? Just outside of Toronto, Canada
- What do you do? We make beaded jewelry and gift items. Aside from that, and being a mommy of course, I also waitress. My own mother is also a fantastic cook and baker. I wish I lived closer and could enjoy her goodies more frequently!
- How many kids? And husbands/partners? My own mother has 3 children, of which I am the eldest and has been married to my father for almost 30 years! I have a nine month old little boy named Colson and have been with my other half for a little over four years. We also have a 2-year-old black lab named Lily who is our "first" child.
- And so you have a shop…
o What’s its name? Bijoux Designs For You
o What do you sell? Beaded jewelry and gift items.
o But how on earth do you find time!?! No sleep and lots of coffee!

- Anything else you’d like to add… Our beading addiction also led us to open a supplies shop so that we could share all of our great finds! You can find it at

Check out those special treats this amazingly productive and creative team has come with for mother’s day:

A few favorites by April…

- Favorite book- Tough one. How about favorite authors? Ted Dekker, Arthur C. Clarke, John Saul, Dean Koontz
- Favorite movie- Ghost...I'm such a sap!
- Favorite song/ band/ singer- Either Bon Jovi or Madonna
- Favorite dish- hate to say it but I LOVE french fries!
- Favorite hobby- My hobby turned into my job...addicted to beading!
- Favorite time of the day- late afternoon...I'm not a morning person
- Favorite time of the night- after 10pm when everyone else is asleep and I get some time to myself!

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