Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Time Saving Tips!

Winter Gear Round Up-brought to you by Angela Spots.
I don’t know what the weather is like where you live but here in southern Canada we are getting our first tastes of warm weather. Spring is FINALLY here (this winter saw record breaking amount of snow). It’s time to bring out the rubber boots and short sleeves and banish the winter parkas and mucklucks to storage.
My Busy Mom’s time saving tip is “organize and label your winter gear”. Yes all that organizing, labelling and storing will take up precious time, but trust me, come the first blustery day of fall when you’re in a dash to get warm gear for the family or you need an ice scraper you’ll be thankful you know where everything is. Organize in a method that works for you. Just make sure you’ll remember your system come fall.
There is no point in organizing something if you will never use it again. Purge baby purge. Toss, donate, garage sale, upcycle, whatever works. De-clutter your life.

*To check out the lovely items from Colorado Babies or Angela Spots simply click on the pictures to take you to their shops.


Lisa M Griffin said...

I wish I were better at purging - and you are right, it always feels good when I do get rid/donate items that our family isn't using anymore. Better get on that.

In the meantime, I also finished up the Busy Moms button logo/graphic. Follow the link below to my blog and then copy/drag a copy to use for yourself in support of the Busy Mom Team. =)

newhopebeading said...

In New Jersey we skipping Spring this year and went right to Summer! It is 90 degrees out and I have not unpacked the shorts yet.
What a cute baby BTW

Twisted said...

I wish it were actually warm enough here for putting winter stuff away.

Emmalene said...

I wish we got snow, have seen it twice in my life. Great tip for storing clothing though, thanks.