Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Time Saving Tip - laundry basket round up

Hello it's AngelaSpots with another Tuesday time saving tip. What do you use laundry baskets for in your house? Here's another great idea. A toy and clutter round up. Take an (empty) laundry basket, toss in everything which doesn't belong in that room, then redistribute to the appropriate areas of the house. It'll only take a few minutes. What an easy way to keep your house clutter free.


sarah said...

i do that! i also use laundry baskets to transport items to the children's consigment shop and the dry cleaners. makes carrying so much easier.

thanks for putting my dog up! he's currently available at a discounted price until black friday!

who's bear is that! he's adorable!

katw0man said...

Great tip and great post!

I always use my laundry basket to tote things around as well!

AngelaSpots said...

Sarah thanks for the comment. I thought I was linking the pictures to the appropriate page but I see it's not working. I'll get that problem fixed for future posts.