Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday's a cool day - Meet Erica with EsThings

Good Monday everyone, this is Natacha from Pioupioukids. I am writing this post from France where I’m lucky to grasp the last warm days of summer before heading off to the southern hemisphere again. This week I’d like to introduce Erica from EsThings. Some of you might already be familiar with her work through the busymoms marketing blitz, if not, make sure you check it out!
  • Who are you ?
I am a mother of 3, a wife of 1 and a full time employee. I am a high energy, sarcastic, loving, silly, serious, opinionated and good person who uses making things; sassy things, to get out the creative energy that is pent up. I am a type A personality all day long!
  • Where do you live?
I live in GA about 40 miles north of Atlanta. It is a great community to raise your children in. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY so I am a Yankee at heart.
  • What do you do?
My career outside the home is actually in the waste industry. I love what I do and the company I do it with. The rest of my time and life is dedicated to my kids, husband and dogs. I am a taxi cab driver, cook, accountant, maid, doctor, nurse, artist, teacher, referee, advocate and whatever else needs done that day.
  • How many kids? And husbands/partners?
    I have 3 wonderful children that range in age from 9-16. I have a husband I have been married to for almost 13 years and we have 3 dogs as well.
  • And so you have a shop…:
    • What’s its name?
EsThings. “Everything Sassy” It also stands for Erica and Sydney (my daughter)
    • What do you sell?
Right now our focus is jewelry with some other items thrown in that are fun to make. Our first Christmas ornaments have been listed along with Christmas gift bags and Baby Tie Dye onsies. There will be other things listed along the way too.
    • But how on earth do you find time!?!
I am not really sure. Most of it is done at night after everyone is in bed or at least calm, cool and collected. I really enjoy working on these items, it lets me be less analytical and freer with my expression… that is something I do not get to do at work and I look forward to doing it in this art form.
  • Anything else you’d like to add…
I want to thank groups like the “Busy Moms of Etsy” for taking in us artists that just want to share the fun with others. I have enjoyed all of the conversations, suggestions and laughs along the way.
Please be sure to check the shop every now and then as I continue to add new jewelry and new items period. Once the creative juices are flowing you never know what will come out.
Top 5 sports
- Football
- Basketball
- Football
- Basketball
- Football
Top 5 holiday destinations (that I have never been too)
- Sydney, Australia
- Italy
- Hollywood California
- St. Thomas
- Whale Watching in Alaska

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