Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Time Saving Tip - Buy more than one

Hello, it's AngelaSpots with another Tuesday Time Saving Tip. Here, in Ontario Canada, we are gearing up for back to school, which happens in early September. Or in my family's case we are gearing up for school as my oldest will be attending for the first time.

Asking experienced Moms they all told me to buy more than one of anything that will be lost. Some say their children are always loosing lunch containers. One said each fall buys 6 pairs of mittens for each child so she doesn't have to hunt down a new pair after all the stores have sold out. Which brings up another time saving tip. Label everything well! Maybe it will find its way home after all. Hopefully?

Todays time saving tips is buy more than one, and with these adorable Etsy finds how can you not?

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