Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday's Time Saving Tip - night prep

Todays tip was contributed by Amy at Ozarkscents http://ozarkscentscandleco.etsy.com/ Anyone can contribute a time saving tip. Just contact me, AngelaSpots.

Lay out clothes, bookbags and anything else you need for work or school the next day.
This is key at my house as well. I do everything possible to simplify our busy morning. The less stress I feel before I leave the house the better my day goes.
Grab some of these items from Busy Moms (search busymomsteam at http://www.etsy.com/) to help make your busy day a little more beautiful.


natacha lee said...

Thanks AMy,

I also find prep the most important for a stress free day! I also tend to make lists... lots of lists... especially first thing in the morning, before doing anything else.

newhopebeading said...

I am very forgetful...i would leave my head at home if it weren't attached so i take it one step further...once I get items like bookbags ready i actually take them to the car so i don't leave without them...and then i count my kids as we are pulling out LOL