Monday, May 18, 2009

MONDAY’S A COOL DAY! by pioupioukids


This week, Bethany tells us a bit more about herself, her sister and their shop: Chickentattoo. Like many of us, they’ve turned their hobby/ passion into a business: check out some of the gogeous piece this pair has come up with! 

-       Who are you?  ChickenTattoo is run by myself, Bethany Childress, and my sister, Susan Weathington.

-       Where do you live?  I live in Alabama and Susan lives in South Carolina so it’s gets a little tricky sometimes!

-       What do you do?  I am a controller by day for an architectural firm and Susan is an interior designer for an architect.  By night, when we’re finally off “mommy duty” we both craft our butts off! 

-       How many kids? And husbands/partners?  I am married to my fabulous husband of 4 years and we have have one daughter (9mos.) Peyton.  Susan has been married to Matt for 4 years as well and they have one son (1 year) Emery.

-       And so you have a shop…:

o      What’s its name?  ChickenTattoo (confused about the meaning?  Check out the shop for the explanation!)

o      What do you sell?  Children’s clothes, accessories, and baby gear although we are expanding our selection to include custom coozies and personalized tea towels

o      But how on earth do you find time!?!  I’m addicted to this stuff so I make the time!  I even tote my craft bag with me to work to take advantage of my lunch breaks if I don’t have other plans.  I’ll cut patterns at work and pin pieces – any prep work I can get out of the way.  Because when I get home from work I take advantage of every minute I have with Peyton before she falls asleep for the night and that’s when the crafting goes into overdrive.  It helps me wind down from the day so I can actually fall asleep at night.

Bethany chose to share a few of her favorites with us too… Beth that favorite movie got some goose bumps out of my romantic teenage body!


-       Favorite book – I read so many different kinds of books so it’s hard to pick just one favorite.  I really enjoyed the Left Behind series though!

-       Favorite movie – Dirty Dancing

-       Favorite song/ band/ singer – Keith Urban (hubba hubba!)

-       Favorite dish – anything Mexican

-       Favorite hobby – crafting of course!

-       Favorite time of the day – 5pm because I can go home and see my little girl

-       Favorite time of the night – bedtime!

-       Favorite part of the body - eyes

-       Favorite color - pink

Favorite Sesame st. character – Oscar the Grouch

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Halifax Mommy said...

bethany helped me design the cutest summer/fall jacket for my little guy and i can't wait to try it on him when it arrives.

Trina said...

I love your things! You are both very talented!