Friday, May 1, 2009

Funny Mom Moment

This week's Funny Mom Moment comes to us from Amy of Ozarscentcandleco. I think we can all relate!

Here is her story...
I just love the things little kids come up with. I enjoy their reasoning of the world around them. They are so brutally honest in most cases, no sugar coating from them! Most of the time it is that complete honesty and child reasoning put together that make their statements so adorable and humorous. My 3 year old Ava is a perfect example of that. She is always coming up with something! She is the most “adult” acting child of my 4 kids! She is concerned and interested in her surroundings, she is picky and orderly. She is the kid that keeps her toys in somewhat of an organized state. She is also a little bit of a drama queen. She is always hurt “terribly bad” and needs urgent medical attention. She has recently informed me that kisses do not work anymore for boo boos and she just needs medicine (for everything little thing!)

A few weeks ago she somehow hurt her leg, she was whining and carrying on about it. I told her to let me take a look at it, nothing was wrong that I could really see. She had a little bruise from another time and that was about it. I told her there was nothing wrong with her leg and she would be fine. She looked at me crinkled face and very serious and said "Mommy it's not fine and that is not the problem, the problem is on the inside, it's like a worm in an apple, you know, like there is a worm in there, it's wiggling around inside my leg making it hurt, that is the problem." I couldn't help but laugh. She had really thought this one out…she was so dead serious and mature acting while she was explaining it to me.

Maybe you just had to be there but I couldn’t help but laugh. I am still not sure how she came up with that. I do know, she knew exactly what the problem was with her leg and she wanted me to know exactly what it was too, complete with hand gestures of a wiggly worm! I guess she wanted me to seek immediate medical attention for her leg to be de-wormed! :)
Take a peek around Amy's shop and maybe pick out something for your Mom for all the times you had to "explain things to her slowly"...especially when you were a teenager!

Comment below:
How old were your little ones the first time they had to "explain things" to you


Twisted said...

Makes you wonder how they come up with that stuff. My toddler is the same way, every little thing she needs medicine for.

newhopebeading said...

I see medical school in her future!

Flynn Orchards said...

That is too funny