Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creative Spaces with overDAcrib

Our first creative space feature, overDAcrib.

I really love Sandra's creative space. This shows how we can convert a piece of space in our homes to make it our creative getaway. I especially like how you can close the curtain and it converts to a guest room. 
This is a very functional & inspiring creative space. Thank you Sandra for sharing! Be sure to check out her awesome creations in her shop. 

When we moved to the DC suburbs two years ago we agreed I needed a space to work.  The apartment is quite small, so finding a place to paint was a little bit of a challenge.  I wanted to make a place I could work but also interact with my six year old daughter and 1 year old son. I turned our "den", a 20' x 10' space into an art studio/ kid's homework and play area/ guest bedroom- ha! One wall I leave free and clear for photographing and the other wall I hang all my lights, camera, tripod and large easel. 

It works out great... I can paint away while my son plays on the floor and when my daughter gets home from school we can do homework and the baby colors (or scribbles).  When my in-laws are in from out of town, I simply slide curtains across my messy painting area and my children's cluttered play area, put down a mattress and viola- instant guest room!  

At night, when all the kids are down, I put on some Trevor Hall music and zone out with a glass of wine. It is very peaceful time to unwind, paint and be surrounded by my work. 


overdacrib said...

Thanks for the feature! Sandra

katesCottage said...

What a GREAT feature!!! I LOVE Sandra's ingenuity! GREAT work space!

Industrial Hippie said...

Her space is pretty awesome! Wish mine looked like that