Monday, November 14, 2011

Busy Mom Monday Feature: stitchin’netka

Our featured shop this Monday is stitchin’netka

"I'm a mother of four kids and can make my dream shop come to life on Etsy. I do love design for kids, they are my daily inspiration and set back at the same time.They make me want to make and create so many beautiful items, and at the same time need my full attention. But even thought they are with me 24/7 I still manage to find moments for my work. It is possible to be a mother and have time to have creative outlets. I think all women have a stunning power of balancing different forces and yes, my life might be the example of that. With love patience and persistence we can all change our dreams into reality."

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just B you said...

Really great post! Awesome shop!

Industrial Hippie said...

her shop is fantastic!