Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Time Saving Tip - Good idea!

It's AngelaSpots here again. While browsing through Etsy keyword "BusyMomsTeam" I found these two things which are perfect for busy Moms. If you find another can't live without item please suggest it!

The first is a Holiday Shopping Notebook by tricia16 . If you're like me and have a bunch of people to buy for you probably have trouble remembering what you bought for who and where you have it hidden. What a great idea this notebook is to keep us a little more organized.

The second is this mei tai by BabyToGo. Babywearing is a must for a busy Mom, especially one with older children who are on the go. Mei tais are SO much more comfortable than the commercially avaliable ones (like Snugglies) and can be used longer, BabyToGo says her carrier is good to 15 kilos (or 33 lbs). My toddler loves riding piggyback style. I couldn't live without mine.