Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Time Saving Tips - Fundraisers

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It's AngelaSpots with another Tuesday Time Saving Tip.

Is your family inundated with fundraisers like mine is?

If you don't enjoy fundraisers, or don't have the time for them but still want to help politely decline and write the organization a $10 or $20 cheque. So many fundraisers bring in such a small % you would have to sell a large quantity of items to make the same amount of money. The organization will still make the money it needs and you'll save your energy for bigger and better things.

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katw0man said...

hello, there!

Thank you for a great post on fundraising.
It is one of my goals to have at least 2 of these per year. Trying to "break into" that territory here locally. Meanwhile I am pursuing alot of retail shops as well so it all keep us busy doesn't it!

I am actually on this "team" but I got real sick with the flu and couln't be on the forum much. Who would I contact to get my shops on this sidebar? :)