Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Interview- Meet Angela with Amievoltaire!

Here's a special treat for all Busy Mom's this happy Monday! After learning more about Angela, she's also being generous enough to offer all of us 25% off everything in her store! Put Busy Mom's in the notes to seller during check out and you'll get the credit! Thanks Angela! Check out her shop at!
Who are you?
Hello, I'm Angela, SAHM to 3 boys. I'm an ex-communication instructor from BSU (Boise State) which I'm proud of and loved but now I sew children's clothing which I also love and take pride in the difference being I'm home doing what I love :<) Where do you live? My husband and I recently moved to Utah from Idaho. We miss Idaho. What do you do? I make children's clothing and women's skirts and will be adding more as time allows and I sell my items in my Etsy Store Amievoltaire. Finding time to run a business, sew, market and still play mom is challenging and requires my favorite hobby - multi-tasking. I sew constantly. I try to have pieces ready for pinning and carry them in my lovely fabric bags and when I'm on the computer, riding to the store with my hubby or at soccer, baseball, basketball games I pin and when I get home I sew.

Some of your favorite things?
I have to take a break from life daily by taking baths and reading. I tend to choose detective type novels whether fact, fiction, fantasy or reality. I like a good puzzle to solve. I refused to read Harry Potter for several years as I knew I'd be hooked and I can't believe how much I love those rotten books. My goal is to write my own when the kids are older and I have more time to focus. If you look through my store you'll probably realize my passion for color. I also enjoy food, foreign and french and cooking for pleasure not requirement. I'm an enigma who changes her mind constantly and encourages other to change yet I really am uncomfortable when my world is transformed - go figure :<) I think my personality dilemma between variation and continuity defines my shop. Traditional styles made with ever changing colors and patterns. :<)

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Momma B said...

Hey! I did not even notice that there was a busy mom's blog!

Your items are very cute! I love the Halloween skirt! Very festive!!!