Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday's a cool day! Meet Jane with Jacarandadesigns

Hello everyone! This week I would like to introduce you to Jane from Jacaranda designs. If you’ve been searching for an elegant piece of jewelry to wear on those special occasions or if you just feel like wearing something elegant and flattering, look no more!

- Who are you?
Jane Garnett
- Where do you live? Oakville, Ontario, Canada (just west of Toronto)
- What do you do? I left the IT industry a few years ago after 20 years and decided to focus on my family and my creativity!

- How many kids? And husbands/partners? I'm married with two young boys

- And so you have a shop…:
o What’s its name? Jacaranda Designs
o What do you sell? Jewelry and hair accessories
o But how on earth do you find time!?! It's hard. I don't get much done in the summer but the rest of the year I try and schedule my time while the boys are at school and assign one day a week to photographing items for my shop. If I didn't plan ahead, I'd never get anything done!

- Favorite book The Life of Pi
- Favorite movie Pride and Prejudice
- Favorite song/ band/ singer Human League, Alex Cuba, Dire Straits, Amy Winehouse (there's too many!)
- Favorite dish Any kind of curry!
- Favorite hobby Making jewelry
- Favorite time of the day 10 am - by that time I've done some chores and ready to start on work but first I have my relaxing cup of tea!
- Favorite time of the night hmmm - not much of a night owl - I'd have to say 9-10 pm when the boys are in bed and I finally get to chat with my hubby
- Favorite part of the body my cheekbones… they're very high and pronounced.

- Favorite color Soft blue
- Favorite Sesame st. character Not growing up in North America I never watched Sesame Street but I saw a few shows when my boys were younger and I'd have to say I like the guy in the garbage but couldn't tell you his name - bad, huh?

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