Monday, July 6, 2009

Interview Monday- Meet Sarah with Stolen Time!

Who are you? Sarah Drabant

Where do you live? Erie, Pennsylvania

What do you do?
I’m a SAHM and I teach piano in the afternoons/evenings.

How many kids? Husband/partner?
2 boys – Spike is 5yrs old and Cuddles will be 3 on July 18th. (*sniff sniff*) My hubby, Matt aka The Man, and I have been married 6 years but actually met just as I was finishing highschool. We started dating while we were in college – 350 miles apart. For my shop, he is my tech support, plate driller, thread/yarn detangler and now light holder when I do the photos.

And so you have a shop:
What's it's name?

What do you sell? Stuff! :-) I started with clocks that we’ve made for wedding gifts. I purchase a single dinner plate or platter from someone’s wedding registry and turn it into a clock. They have been a huge hit with friends and I hope they take off in the shop too! But my main crafting hobby is knitting and sewing. I especially love making things for babies and small children. So far I’ve made some knit and sewn lovies and am currently working on adding layette sets to my shop. The sets include a half size baby blanket, hat and booties. I have also done some stuffies. These are works-in-progress and I hope to get them up this summer. The hand stitching is a little time-consuming! Some of my friends think I should add my aprons to the shop – but I’m wavering. Although, it would be nice to add something for ‘Mama’ with all of the kidlet stuff I have going!

The BookWorms in my shop aren’t entirely mine. The yarn is – it’s all been stolen from my stash – but they are the creations of my 5 yr old son. He is trying to earn money to save for a puppy.

How do you find the time?
I have no idea. I steal it. I work mostly in the evenings after the kids are in bed and while my hubby is working or playing on his computer. Sometimes I’ll do a little work during the day if the kids are actually playing nicely – but that usually ends in disaster.

Some of your favorite things?
Movie- argh – the only question harder than this is my favorite book. I love all sorts of movies – from all kind of genres – and always surprise people with the variety. But if I had to choose one…..or two…..the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films.

purple, green


Kids book-
ack! I’m a book junkie. Seriously. If it were any more of a problem, I’d be sent to rehab. I’ll stick to listing the latest juvy lit that’s on my shelves: harry potter, chronicles of Narnia, his dark materials, sisters grimm, anne of green gables (all of them), little house books.

Time of day-

Cartoon Character-

Anything else you can think of you'd like to share :-)
I have a crazy long list of in-the-works projects right now – so expect some new additions to the shop! And…..I drink a decaf non-fat latte with a shot of hazelnut whenever I can get it :-)

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