Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Interview- Meet Jennifer with Cantaloupe Corner!

Who are you?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jenifer Hall and my shop is Cantaloupe Corner. I am married to the sweetest guy in the world and we have 2 beautiful , busy boys. Simon just turned 3 and little Ryan is 9 months old. I have the incredible opportunity of being a stay-at-home mom. We spend our days going on adventures around the city and trying to stay out of the blazing Arizona sun. When I was little I lived in a small town in the White Mountains in AZ (Yes, Arizona has mountains, and snow!) My mom was the local 4H teacher for the Sewing and “Wearable Arts” classes. I started sewing when I was about 6 and learned how to do so many other crafty things from my mom.

After my first boy was born I became a craft addict, but I could never choose one hobby to concentrate on. I would start with one thing and stick with it for about a month and then move on to something new. Just in the last couple years I’ve learned to knit, crochet, make polymer clay jewelry and sculptures, appliqué, make baby quilts, I’ve also done a little cake decorating, scrapbooking, home decorating, acrylic painting, furniture refinishing, gardening, photography, . . . . you get the picture. I just can’t get myself to sit still. But, I think finally found something that has captured my attention: making clothes for my boys!

Where do you live? I live in Mesa, Arizona, (next to Phoenix) a.k.a. the “Valley of the Sun”, where the summers blaze at a steamy 115 degrees!

What do you do? In my free time? I Take long walks on the beach, and bubble baths. . . ha ha. I’m a stay-at-home mom so I take care of my 2 little guys. And when I get lucky enough to steal away a few minutes for myself, I work on my Etsy store. I LOVE coming up with new ideas for t-shirts. Sometimes I get so excited about it that I can’t sleep at night. I know, kinda nerdy, but it’s true.

How many kids? Husband/partner? I have one cute husband and 2 adorable boys: 3 years old and 9 months old.

And so you have a shop:

What's it's name? Cantaloupe Corner (see my Etsy profile for the story behind the name)

What do you sell? I sell hand stenciled shirts for kids and moms. I use a dye removal process so there is no ink or paint to peel or flake. My sister and I started doing these shirts over 2 years ago and I had so many compliments and requests that I wanted to share them with the world! They are so soft and easy to care for. Soon I will also be adding bucket hats and maybe even baby shoes to my store! YAY!

How do you find the time? In all honesty, I don’t know. I try to take advantage of every second of the day. I get most of my work done at night after the boys are in bed. Many of my shirts can be done in phases, 3 minutes here, 5 minutes there, so I work on them whenever I can steal a few minutes.

Some of your favorite things?

Movie- August Rush (so good!) and, I admit, I am a big Harry Potter fan.

Color- Sky blue, Glamorous Red, and Orange

Food- Brownies, homemade pizza, and any type of fruit.

Kids book- The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Time of day- Early Morning

Cartoon Character- Garfield

Anything else you can think of you'd like to share :-) I have a blog: .

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Rachel Kovaciny said...

I also learned to use a sewing machine via 4H! My mom had taught me to sew by hand, but when I was 9 I joined a 4H group that was all about sewing and made some new friends (and new clothes), and learned a lot. Hooray for 4H! :-D