Thursday, May 7, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

There was a commercial awhile back, for granola bars I believe, and the tag line was “Kids talking too much?” The idea being if your kids had a granola bar in their mouths they couldn’t say the wrong thing at the wrong time. My favorite from the commercial was a little boy meeting his Dad’s coworker at the office, “But Daddy his nose isn’t brown at all!”

Well we do eat a lot of granola bars in my house but my crew still manages to get some keepers in between bites. Here are just some from Busy Moms Team members.

Here are two from Angela of AngelaSpots :
*Heaven is in Florida. It is very warm and has a nice place to eat. You can cook food there.

*Three year old, after seeing a giant wooden play structure on display, "My swing set is getting old, I need a new one". If only it was that easy eh?

From Caroline at newhopebeading :

*Daddy you don’t have to lose weight (pause) I like your tummy big squishy because it’s better to lean on when I’m watching TV.
*Mommy your are not old (pause) you are just medium.
*Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! That story didn’t go over my head like you said it would …it went right in my ear!
*Pop pop, I am so sorry that you are sad because your brother went to heaven…I know how you feel. I lost a goldfish once.
*Pop pop my school principal is so sweet…he’s just like you, but with hair.
*Mommy you can convince Daddy …First, you use all your cuteness…
*When asked if we were getting a new minivan I said, "Not as long as this ones still going forward" to which my 5 year old asked, "But if it starts driving BACKWARDS then can we get a new one?"
*While listening to the priest over the loudspeaker in foyer of an over crowded church, "Mom shh...I think I just heard God talking."
*After having been told that mommy and daddy would have a 3rd baby if it was part of God’s plan… Four year old to priest at church, “Father, can you please give my Mommy a baby?”

(seems to have been an on- going confusion in our house between God and Priests LOL)

Comment below and give us your little one’s words of wisdom or one-liners that made you wish you had a granola bar on hand!


Emmalene said...

Ah sooo cute, i decided the other day to lay the table nicely with a table cloth and all (lucky no plates or glasses) and my boys decided to strip the table cloth of, not taking of anything. when asked why they did it, "they were putting the "fabric" back in the cutting room. didnt want to make it yukky" Lucas 4 and Ainsley 2
i do love em'

bijouxdesignsforyou said...

What a fantastic post to end the week!!! My little guy doesn't talk yet but I'm sure he'll have some good ones when its his turn! So interesting to see how their little minds process things.