Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Time Saving Tips

Before I start I want to introduce myself. My name is AngelaSpots, Angela is my first name, Spots because I have a lifelong obsession with Dalmatians. I live in Canada with my DH, Dalmatian and my two little boys. I work full time in a medical genetics lab and have my little etsy shop. http://angelaspots.etsy.com I'm a busy Mom!
Tuesdays blog feature is called "Tuesday Time Saving Tips". I'm always looking for time saving tips, if you have one (or more) to share post them in the comments or send them directly to me.
My first tip is for the Busy Moms who do shipping. Try Paypal shipping. It's SO easy and saves me so much time and frustration. When an item is paid for through paypal I log into my paypal account and print off a shipping label, the cost comes out of my paypal account. I place the label on my package and drop it in a postal box. Easy peasy and no need to drag two small children to the post office.
It is also possible to use paypal shipping for items not paid for through paypal. It's not easy to find on the paypal site but there is a back door link. A good security tip is always be logged into paypal when you click the link. You just never know where a link may take you. https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_ship-now
There are some cases when paypal shipping isn't ideal. Items which need to be track must start the tracking process at a post office (you can still pay through paypal). For fellow Canadians you cannot use paypal shipping for letterpost and "slot" (oversized letter) post.
For more information see the Etsy forums. Paypal shipping is a popular method.


newhopebeading said...

Thanks Angela...I will have to give that a try :)

Rachel Kovaciny said...

I've gotten several items from Etsy sellers that were shipped via PayPal -- I'll have to give this a try too. Thanks!

Amy M said...

Great Tip!! A definite time saver! Thanks Angela! :)