Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recipe Wednesday!

This recipe is brought to you from Emmalene of Jungle Monkey Kids.
The following recipe is a family favorite, my youngest has severe egg allergies so we alway look for alternatives. Simple and taste.

Chicken Nuggets for Ainsley
500g Chicken (boneless)2 cups of CRUSHED corn flakes1/3 cup corn flour1 cup milkroast chicken herb seasoning (to your taste)
I start by cutting all the chicken into kid bite size bits.
Put corn flour, roast chicken seasoning and chicken in a bag and shake to cover all chicken.
A couple of bits at a time, dunk in milk then shake in crushed corn flakes. Place in bag/container and freeze.
Bake in oven at 175 degrees C till golden and crispy.
If you do 500g to 1kg at a time then you have some ready for the future, as we all know we have our moments. Simple and healthy.


newhopebeading said...

Emmalene...sounds's making me hungry!

Emmalene said...

Aw thanks, I LOVE to cook anything but my favs are japanese cooking and baking sweet things!